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Experience Sterling Hills


Experience Sterling Hills

Sterling Hills Farm is nestled in picturesque and charming Western Loudoun, Virginia. We are proud to offer exclusive, curated experiences where you can soak in this backdrop. When we dream ‘farm visit’ we see beyond the fence line and feed cubes. We are passionate about quality over quantity and because of this our experience offerings are limited. If you are interested in an experience, we have 3 options to accommodate the experience you are seeking!



Experience the Hill

Welcome to Countryside Paradise! This curated Experience is tailored to your specific interest. Looking for a different kind of date night experience? Have a small group celebrating something special? We will help you craft an exclusive and special visit to our farm. Complete our special Experience form and spill the details! Together we will create a key memory.

*Curated experiences are limited and offered on a first come first serve basis. We do NOT book more than 1 special experience a week, to ensure we execute on the best experience for you.

Curated Experience – Starting at $199

Highland Submersion

Our Highland submersion experience is perfect for anyone who just wants to experience the Highlands! Want to see these hairy beauties beyond just a picture? Take a stroll with us through the pastures and get ready to be bombarded with treat hungry hairy cows! See our barn and farm equipment and learn how we care for our crew. Ask us questions, brush out some gals and meet our main man, Sterling. Leave with some Sterling Hills swag, pictures, and loads of knowledge! Submersion experience is 60-90 minutes, offered on select days starting at 9AM. Attendees should be at least 5 years of age, able to walk a sloping terrain, and able to embrace poop, natural occurrences of reproduction and anything else oddly gross, smelly and customary to a farm!

Pair – $99

Up to 6$25 for each additional person after 2. Note, Gator exploration can only accommodate 3 adult passengers at a time. Children must be at least 5 years old and able to take direction if riding in the Gator.


Memories on the Hill

This option is for those who are in it for the pictures! Time for some family photos with mini-Highlands as your props? Choose us to capture your photos or a professional photog we can connect you with. At this time we work exclusively with a specific photographer due to the nature of working with our Highlands. The photographer we recommend is familiar with us and our coos – to ensure a safe environment for all. We do not offer the option to bring your own photographer at this time.

Professional Photography – TBD w/Photographer

Sterling Hills Farm 45M Session - $249

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