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Silver Highland Cow

Sterling Hills Farm


About the farm

About  the Farm

Sterling Hills Farm was founded on a vision of unwavering excellence, and of course – a love for miniature Highlands! When we began a pursuit of unrealized dreams in 2020, we couldn’t have imagined it would include the beloved ‘Heilan Coo’. As we put into motion raising these beautiful bovine to offer other families, we knew we wanted to extend more but do so in a quality, uncompromising way.

Farm Amenities

Sterling Hills Farm is a 70 acre farm nestled along the Catoctin Creek just north of Waterford, Virginia. Our operations are on approximately 30 acres where we practice rotational grazing, for optimal care of the land. The Highlands are supplied fresh, free choice water from 5 different freeze proof watering systems throughout the farm. These watering systems allow our beautiful bovine clean, healthy water while minimizing exposure to public waterways.



Conservation Easement

Sterling Hills Farm is held in conservation with The Land Trust of Virginia.

We are privileged to be regarded as stewards of the land and proud to be owners of such a scenic and beautiful space in Western Loudoun County.


Meet the Darters

Hello there! We are Shawn and Robin, the very proud owners of Sterling Hills Farm. We have been residents of Western Loudoun since 2018 but have been in the region since 2009. We have 2 vibrant and beautiful girls. Only a couple short years after moving into the area we decided we wanted to embrace more of the Western Loudoun landscape. This led us to finding our little slice of countryside paradise upon which we founded our farm. While we enjoy much together, raising our Highlands has been one of our favorites. We love being part of the Loudoun community and aspire to bring more knowledge and appreciation to small family farming, no matter on what scale that may be.

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