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Meet the Fold



There was never a doubt when we set out to find our fold sire, that his name would be Sterling. We wanted it to represent our Farm, and what we strive for. A name with English origin, represents "genuine, of high quality." Finding a fitting bull would take patience, and we were giving that prospect a tall order (or short in this case!) to stand up to!

When we found Sterling we were quick to recognize him as 'our guy'.  Sterling is a handsome dun bull, born at a tiny 18" at birth and raised alongside his dam in the pasture.  He is a BD1 gene carrier which is inherited from his dam but is approximately 93% of Highland Heritage. Sterling has been broken on a halter and has an incredibly sweet and gentle temperament, his conformation is above par for a 2 YR old bull and he has excellent long hair!  He is easy to love and adored by all those that visit the farm.       

We are hopeful with Sterling's genetics, we can bring other families small, compact, amazingly docile and loving coo’s just like him. Sterling has officially been exposed to his ladies, and although we are hopeful to see some calves from him in Fall of 2024, we realize this likely will not happen until Spring of 2025. We are certain Sterlings offspring will be well, worth the wait. 

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