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Ownership faq


  • Exactly how small is a miniature Highland and how big will my calf get?
    Miniature cattle are recognized as cattle 42" and under to the top of their backline above the hook bone. You will find a multitude of sources that specify "hook bone", this is not any more accurate than saying you are measured to your eyeline level. MOST Highlands do not fall within this placement and typically will range between 42"-48", alternatively Standard sized Highlands can exceed well over 48". Cattle at 36" or below is considered "micro" which is typically accompanied by the Chondrodysplasia gene, signifying Dexter in the lineage. Highlands are a slow growing breed, and it is important to note that while most of its growth may occur by age 3, this is NOT a final measurement that should be relied upon. While some sources will use this age marker as an 'adult' measurement, it does NOT fully represent a Highland at its final height. We will provide you the best information we can regarding parentage so that you can have an 'idea' of what you may expect with your calf, but there are no guarantees. We will never represent something as it is not. Calves are only calves; they will NOT remain 2' tall. ALL cattle are still large livestock, and "micro" is figurative in relation to actual size.
  • How much land do I need to raise a miniature Highland?
    The general rule of thumb is 1 acre per head of cattle. For true minis, it is said they can suffice on just ½ an acre. Because your bovine will need another bovine companion, this means you should not have less than an acre. Here at Sterling Hills, we encourage the 1+ acre per head, rule of thumb. Clean pastures equal less flies, healthier coos, and optimal grazing areas.
  • What kind of vaccines do I need to give and how often?
    If you are new to livestock, we recommend having a large animal vet in place. Your vet can and will recommend vaccines that can be tailored to your local area. There also is an array of vaccines available for your coo, so this answer is not a one size fits all. There are specific types of vaccines that Pregnant cows should be administered to avoid abortion, for example. Every cow leaving this farm is vaccinated, and we will provide you a list of the date and what they were vaccinated with at departure. Our calves receive a dose of First Defense Gel on day 1, and an intranasal dose of Inforce 3, on day 3 so that we can work towards prevention of respiratory and scour issues from the start!
  • What do I need to feed my miniature Highland!?
    Grass! Nothing is better than great quality pasture. Highlands are excellent foragers; they will browse for exactly what they need! In addition to this, free choice of loose salt and minerals will give your Highland the nutrients they need for additional support of hair, horn, hoof, and other body development. There are an array of mineral products out there, we personally use VitaFerm products. There are summer protein supplements that can also aid in heat stress and fly control or give additional nutrient support when on winter forage and hay.
  • How can I get my new miniature Highland home?
    We offer transportation in and to any surrounding state of Virginia for a small fee. We can help you arrange transport to any other state beyond that. Because we also are HUGE fans of one of the best pizza places ever, in Indiana, we also offer personal delivery to Indiana.
  • What things do I need to take care of my new Highland? Do they need a barn?
    Highlands are sturdy, self-sufficient and easy keepers. The most important recommendation we can make for them, is you must be able to provide them shade, and continuous access to water. Highlands are built for winter conditions but can become heat stressed in temperatures over 70 degrees. They will naturally shed out their top coats as temperatures rise, and grow them back early fall right before the cold starts to sink in!
  • Can I start with just one mini Highland and get another later?
    Sterling Hills will not offer a miniature Highland unless it goes in a pair, or to a home with other bovine or livestock. Highlands are herd animals, who thrive and do best with companionship. They can and will become depressed and lonely without other friends. When we offer our little coos for other families to enjoy, we believe fully that they should be walking into optimal conditions where they can immediately thrive.
  • Do you have a waitlist, or do you hold auctions?
    If you would like to be considered for a first offering of calves that become available, please subscribe on our “Contact Us” page, and you will be the first to know when we have calves being offered. After our initial e-mail notification, we make our calves available on our Website and Social Media. Calves are reserved by a 25% deposit ONLY. Our website will always be up-to-date on what we have to offer and will always display an 'investment' amount, so you can take the guess work out and contact us if you are interested. Currently, we are not offering auctions. We love to get to know who is bringing our babies home, as well as understand what your plans are and ensure that you are setup for success before making such an investment!
  • Can I see the calf or cow I am interested in before I purchase? How can I see them if I am far away?
    100% YES. We offer short farm appointments for those who want to meet a specific cow or calf for adoption. We will have that cow or calf brought up to our barn so you can interact and see them one on one. We also offer FaceTime, videos, and loads of pictures of the calf or cow you are interested in. We will stand by our cows/calves, show you measurements, interact with them, and show you hooves, eyes, horns, etc. You will ALWAYS know exactly what you are getting.
  • Will my calf come socialized? What can I expect when I get them?
    All calves will come with an introduction to the halter and socialized. We do not pull babies to make them bottle babies, unless a specific situation warrants us to do so. That will always be disclosed. Calves can be fully socialized and STILL be with their mommas! Your calf will be worked with and handled on a daily basis. Any other mini Highland we offer beyond a calf, will have their temperament and socialization traits fully disclosed.

Are you thinking about owning a Highland? We couldn’t be more excited for you! Cattle ownership may seem intimidating, so we’ve provided some answers to some commonly asked questions down below. This is not an end all guide, so much of ownership brings you experiences you will sometimes learn as you go. However, we are here for a lifetime of support. Whether you bring home a Heilan Coo from us or someone else, we want to support you in being able to give these darlings the best lives possible!

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