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About Sterling Hills



Sterling Hills Farm was founded on a vision of unwavering excellence, and of course – a love for Highlands! When we began a pursuit of unrealized dreams in 2020, we couldn’t have imagined it would include the beloved ‘Heilan Coo’. As we put into motion raising these beautiful bovine to offer other families, we knew we wanted to extend more but do so in a quality, uncompromising way.

First we are a farm, that raises and adores miniature Scottish Highland Cattle. We offer calves, and occasionally breeding stock, for your own program, or family. We love our Highlands small, but it does not come before loving calm, good-tempered ones. Second, we are a farm that wants to share the beauty and enjoyment of Highlands for those who are not necessarily looking to own one.

Our goal is to deliver on our name, quality and of the highest caliber experiences. Because of this unwavering commitment, we are not generally open to the public. We do however, offer a carefully planned amount of curated experiences throughout the year.  You can view options on our "Experience" page as they become available.  Till’ then…

Farm Amenities

Sterling Hills Farm is a 70 acre farm nestled along the Catoctin Creek just north of Waterford, Virginia. Our operations include the practice of rotational grazing, for optimal care of the land. We take pride in harrowing our fields, for fly and pasture management. Our Highlands are supplied fresh, free choice water from 5 different freeze proof watering systems throughout the farm. These watering systems allow our beautiful bovine clean, healthy water while minimizing exposure to  our public waterways.

The farm includes an 1800 sqft barn comprised of 5 stalls, a washroom, and covered workstation for training, vaccines, and year round care. In Summer of 2024 we will also be offering access to our personal kitchen garden that can be  enjoyed during exclusive experiences.

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